Why I “waste” my time on “bad” trees or, I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Here I go again, stepping in the ant pile…..hopeful I don’t get bit this time….

Ya’ll remember this tree that I teased you with a few posts back?

Well, we will get back to it towards the end of the post, but I must say, it’s a “bad tree”.

What do I mean by that, anyway? Let me put a scene, a situation, an act of a play, into your mind.

Ok, close your eyes…..wait, that won’t work, how will you be able to read what I’m writing……ok, close your mind’s eye and read what I’m writin’.

You are at your first bonsai club meeting, you’ve brought your pride and joy, a ficus you got at IKEA, and you have been working your courage up to go to this meeting for two weeks. You are a little apprehensive because you’re just not sure if this whole “bonsai club”…

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