Antique Bonsai Pots from Museum Collections: 1 – Nanjing Museum

Bonsai Penjing & More

I was organizing digital photos in my backup drive, and found a number of bonsai penjing pot photos I took during my travels. I want to share them with you, starting with photos I took at the Nanjing Museum, China, in 2004. In most art museums, one seldom see bonsai pot on display, perhaps one or two in the Asian Art or Ceramic section.  The unusual high number of pots displayed in the Nanjing Museum might be due to a temporary special exhibition rather than permanent displays. Honestly, I do not remember. They are all behind glass, and the photos are, therefore, not very sharp and have reflections or glares.

17th – Early 18th Century Kangxi Period Pots:

The Kangxi period pots are gorgeous and highly artistic.  The clay, glaze and craftsmanship were of superb qualities. The Kangxi period was at the golden age of the Qing dynasty.

IMG_0679 Qing dynasty Kangxi (1662-1722) blue and white round pot.

IMG_0682 Qing dynasty…

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