Antique Bonsai Pots from Museum Collections: 2 – The Palace Museum

Bonsai Penjing & More

In 2013 my wife and I joined a tour to the Silk Road in Western China. After the tour we stayed and explored Beijing for 10 days on our own.  We visited old friends, made new friends, visited a large private bonsai collection with over 500 trees, went to the viewing stone market and ventured outside of Beijing to places that are unlikely to be included in most tour package routes.

We enjoy going to museums and prefer to see things leisurely at our own pace, and in more details.  We went to Beijing’s Capitol Museum which was having a special exhibition, called Treasures of the Palace Museum  – Empress Dowager Cixi’ Porcelain. Since I am also interest in Chinese porcelain, it was a rare opportunity for me to see one hundred pieces of late 19th century imperial porcelains and their related archived documents on public display in one place.  A special treat for bonsai…

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