Potentilla 6 years of progress

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

Six years ago I started this Potentilla fruticosa `Kobolt´from a raw nursery material. A simple method of developing shohin-bonsai is to collect a already grown tree or bush, cut it back hard and start from the basic building up branches from scratch. This is only possible this way with specimens coping with such a treatment one must have in mind before taking the chainsaw (or smaller equipment) from the self.

By simply cut back – let grow – cut back again, a branch structure is achieved in a few years. The delicate task with flowering bonsai is to time the flowering and this is the main challenge with Potentilla´s as shohin bonsai. Potentilla´s  develop their flowers on this years growth, therefore they can be trimmed up to two or more months before they need to flower.

The P. f. `Kobolt´ flowers from the summer until late autumn. The trick then…

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