Morus alba, white mulberry

IMG_3479 IMG_3480

I’m quite happy, that this Morus alba survived winter in the coldhouse. I bought it last year – I think it was October- in a shopping mall. So this is a “mallsai”. Last autumn it got an emergency repot, the roots were in a bad shape, I was lucky that the rootrot was just in a beginning stage.

I will feed it and let it grow as much as it likes. Pics from last autumn:

tumblr_nckggif81w1td8ztjo1_400      tumblr_nckggif81w1td8ztjo2_400

general information:

  • deciduous tree (in nature 10-20 m high), flowers are single-sex catkins, usually separated to trees- dioecious; fruits go from white to pink, to red and black, in autumn the foliage turns bright yellow
  • place: sunny, but protected (so the leaves do not burn); in winter move to the coldhouse (temperatures  to -5°C can damage the roots, take care that the temperatures do not exceed +6°C)
  • soil ( Universalbonsaisoil, sand and perlit
  • repotting: every 2nd year, in March (before budding) with slight root cutting
  • wiring: from June, leave it for half year,for older branches- pull down in spring



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