Olea europaea

IMG_3474New addition to the nursery, and prebonsai…

I’ll post better pics, when the weather gets better.

The soil is most likely clay, very wet and heavy. I’ll need to replace that with good soil.

general information:

  • slow growing tree (in nature about 10m high), leaves are long with a silvery belly, buds back, after cutting the branch dies back (noticed, but not sure about that)
  • needs a lot of light, sunny, in winter not under 5-10°C (cold-house, light) – flowerbuds can be developed under optimal conditions (flowers are very fragrant)
  • water: tap water, observe the plant, doesn’t like wet feet
  • repotting: every 2-3 years, winter
  • soil: (from bonsaipflege.ch): Akadama: universalsoil: Kiryu = 2:1:1
  • wire: breaks easily, not easy, bigger branches can be pulled down
  • style: mostly upright, forest, I’ve also seen  a roots over rock

IMG_3494 IMG_3492

Olivenbäume_Umbrien DSC_3069


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