Prunus incisa “Kojo-no-Mai”, Fuji cherry

This is the new addition to the nursery- a Fuji cherry. I looks like a twin-trunk…

I’ll meditate over the shape later, after flowering…

general information – P. incisa:

  • a slowly growing deciduous tree ( up to 5 m in nature) with a more shrub-like habitus
  • watering: no wet feet and don’t let it dry out! In summer it might be necessary to water it twice a day
  • I suppose the trees in supermarkets are cultivated through bud union
  • pruning: only after flowering, flower buds only on branches from the year before;
  • repotting: every 2nd -3rd year in spring before flowering
  • soil: Prunus sp. do not like sour soil, they seem to be happy with calcareous soil; (from Lava gravel: Humus: Akadama=1:1:1
  • winter: frost-resistant, so you could let it outdoors, or in coldhouse (0-10°C) don’t let it dry out

IMG_3476      IMG_3477    IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3489


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