Carpinus betulus – hornbeam

IMG_3632 IMG_3631

This Carpinus betulus sp. (about 6 years old) is from a mall tree nursery, I potted it last year. It’s doing well.  The little pot you see there is a Rose-of-Sharon sapling. During winter they were together and now they cannot be divided. The Rose of Sharon grew all the way down to the other pot. :-/

general information:

  • fast growing deciduous tree (up to 25m high), with big bright green oval leaves – in autumn foliage in bright yellow
  • soil:  akadama to universal soil= 1:1; japanese hornbeam likes only akadama
  • watering: tap water, if too much Calcium is in the soil/water the leaves get brown edges;
  • light shade, protection from mid-day sun, leaves burn easily
  • repotting: every second year as the buds extend; after the 10th year, whenever pot is filled up
  • root pruning: tends to have strong straight roots from the trunk-base going every direction, cut those back
  • pruning (this is my 1st carpinus so I got no own experiences here, we’ll see what happens)


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