Syringa vulgaris

This is a Syringa vulgaris sapling from last year. It was cut in October from a shrub/ tree after it was badly damaged by a storm. It actually survived the winter neglected in an old pot, outside. This Winter we had up tp -20°C! Just sayin’. I’m surprised that although the branch was as thick as my thumb, it actually sprouted. Amazing!

IMG_3624 IMG_3623

general information – common lilac:

  • decorative shrub up to 5 m, heart shaped leaves, conically arranged fragrant flowers from purple to white to dark red, fast growing mostly upright, sprouts from root if not contained
  • most suitable specimen : Syringa patula – Korean lilac; Syringa chinensis mutabilis – Chinese lilac; Syringa Meyeri Palibin – dwarf-lilac (I have now a branch of this specimen- I’ll try to get them to sprout, wish me luck)
  • fully sun to light shade; frost resistant up to -10°C
  • repotting every 2-3 years, it helps to keep them potbound to reduce leaf size.
  • shaping: cutting after flowering (if you want flower buds the next year) – wiring: be careful, old branches aren’t elastic anymore and break easily
  • soil – no special needs as far as I know, here in Europe they grow everywhere
  • watering: in full sun gets thirsty, besides that no other problems I noticed
  • fertilizer: from April- July

– this  tree was shaped by Walter Pall. You can see samples of his work here: X


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