laurus nobilis

This is a Laurus my mom threw out, looked dead. I repotted and cut it back the dead parts. Now it’s budding back nicely, I’ll give it this year to do what it wants, to get strong and healthy.

general information:

  • evergreen shrub (up to 3-5 m) from the Mediterranean area, so it needs a lighthouse for the winter. Keep temperature under 18°C and over 0°C in winter.
  • watering: rain water (soft water)
  • soil: acidic soil, with good drainage, doesn’t like wet feet
  • bay laurel is evergreen, which means:  don’t defoliate fully (the plant is not going to thank you, trust me, I’ve been there.)
  • pruning: be careful, branches tend to die back, grows fast if well fed
  • repotting every second year

some inspiration:

DSC01341_zps2122c6a7 Styled by Nuno

update: now it looks so good, mom wants her bay laurel back… I have to get another one.


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