A lot has happened since the last time I’ve been on this blog, active or not.

First, I moved. My world fell apart, and I’m about to piece it back together.

Now I got a nice apartment with 30 sqm garden in the back and a 2 sqm garden in the front, which makes me happy. It’s shady (mostly), found a lot of primroses and  mushrooms growing in the back (-will definitely use that soil for my conifers).

The water coming from the faucet is really really really hard. And I mean that. Over 40 °dH ( more than 2,24 CaCO3 ppm; or more than 31,92 Grad Clark)! I’ll be happy if I don’t petrify after a shower. For my plants and some bonsai, I’ll need a container for rainwater.

I don’t have a glasshouse for my mediterranean pre-bonsai, so they stay with my parents. Hopefully, they’ll be alright.

I got my mom hooked with the fuchsia and bay laurel. Last year she looked how I did it, but this year my dad brought the fuchsia faster inside, before the temperature dropped to 0°C. And guess what, they are still flowering, in the glasshouse.


IMG_4923.jpg  IMG_4922.jpg


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