a cautious spring greeting

I’ve been out in my new garden to look around, what’s growing out there on its own. So many beautiful primroses (Primula vulgaris) in different natural colors (white, buttercream and washed-out-cherryjuice-stain).

I’m quite happy with them, they’d make great kusamonos. BUT! I’ve just found out, they are on the Red List in Germany (which means, they cannot be collected, nor plucked). Fun fact, it needs a fungus as a root symbiont (Glomeromycota), and its seeds get propagated through ants. Sooo, I’ll try to be faster than the ants.

Mom has several true oxlip (Primula elatior) plants. She always collects the seedpods. I’ll bribe her to give me some, and I’ll grow some in a pot.


Primula elatior


Also, I have a lot of false strawberries (Potentilla incica), colewort (Geum urbanum), and lots of lawn daisies (Bellis perennis). I’ll have really nice kusamonos.

My trees are, as far as I could see, all alive and budding nicely. Not one of them seems dead yet, although the rhododendron seem to have some stress. They are still in their pots from the shop, so that may be the problem.

inspirational bonus:

  • primula kusamono


  • Potentilla indica kusamono:img_8680

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