This are pics from my birth town, somewhere in the far west of Romania. The river is the heart of the city. No one really bothers with it, so nature sometimes claims its shores, in a truly romantic way… Okay, okay…

It’s more like a place for hobos to sleep and to take a shit. And you don’t go there unless you wanna get mugged. But I remember the hot summers of my childhood, when I watched all the happy children swing from the low dipping branches of the weeping willows. Yeah, watched, cause I couldn’t swim, and most of the time I was sick.




Deer Park in Nara

2015. February. Nara.

Nara is a wonderful place, tiny town with a deer park you could have cut out of a Miyazaki movie.

Ancient trees, check!

Just look at the nebari of the big one in the second pic!


Friendly animals, check!

You can see some sika deer in the first three pics. They are considered divine animals and the folks around there simply love them. They get fed and the animals are allowed to wander around the shrines and temples.

They even learned to bow, to obtain special deer biscuits. Proof? I’d happily post here two videos, but I just can’t seem to figure out how…

Well, that’s that! Try clicking here and here.



Temples and shrines, check!