spring updates

Last week I’ve been repotting some of the trees and the little ones from the nursery (still need some ID’s on them). I thought, I share some of the pic with you guys.

Tilia cordata (most likely 8 years, mallsai), buds just about to break

Fagus sylvaticus (about 10 years, nursery tree)

Acer buergeranum (I suspect it’s 6 years old – bought it from last years Bonsai exhibition in Hallein)

Morus albus (6 years, mallsai)


Prunus incisa (6 years, nursery tree) still shrubby looking, waiting for the bloom to finish


Tsuga canadiensis – have no idea how old, nursery tree…

Juniper procumbens nana (older than 10, nursery tree)

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