Galanthus sp.

These are two different Galanthus sp. (angustilolius and nivalis) in the garden of my mom.

Galanthus are bulbous, perennial, alpine plants. They do not seem to have a problem with the chalky soil in the garden. They bloom from early January to May in the wild, and they need the cold to bloom. Propagation: offset bulbs (dig them out very carefully in the dormant phase), or seeds (ants go crazy over the seeds).

G. angustifolius is a later blooming plant, from the Caucasus. Interestingly, they do not seem to propagate by themselves, not like the G.nivalis.

The bunch of G. nivalis was a gift from my grandma, from Romania. They grow vigorously.



Bonus:  have some inspirational snowdrop kusamono

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